Corporate Branding

Students are required to write an individual report on corporate branding.

Each student should choose three corporate brands and write a comparative analysis of their

corporate brand strategies.

Any type of corporate brand can be chosen, e.g., companies of any size and from any sector (e.g.,

high­tech, banking, food and drink, not­for­profits, multinational corporations, small and medium

sized enterprises, etc.).

The three corporate brands can be from the same sector or from different sectors.

Summary: A brief description of the contents of the report (one paragraph)

Conclusions and recommendations

*You must include an appropriate theoretical framework in your report

*You can find such frameworks in articles on corporate branding in journals such as Corporate

Reputation Review, Journal of Brand Management, etc.

*Example framework: Aaker, D. (2004), ‘Leveraging the Corporate Brand’, California Management

Review, Vol 46, No 3, pp 6­18.


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