corporate governance

corporate governance Description Critically review and analyze the existing governance framework from the perspective of “Nine-pillars to good corporate governance”, and identify capability gaps for improvement. Provide an appropriate recommendation for filling the capability gaps and improving the governance mechanism. The client has requested that the framework emphasizes openness and integrity in the relationships with the stakeholders and minimization of risks. Your report should be based on your own independent research and critical analysis, refer to appropriate academic literature, including journal articles. Critical Analysis Demonstrated: Understanding of key concepts and theories Critical and independent analysis of the key arguments and concepts in the reference material you cite Understanding of the relationship between the important aspects of the topic Well-developed argument demonstrating a sound understanding of the topic Research Depth Demonstrated: Adequate number of references used The relevance of references cited Correct and adequate citation using the Harvard system of referencing Presentation Demonstrated: Use of appropriate academic style Report Format: 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction 3. Company profile 4. Vision mission 5. brand product 6. projects if any 7. company structure and managements 8. nine pillars in relation with company. 9. Conclusion 10. Reference.