Coursework 1- ‘Talent Management’- Management Report.

If you are employed within HRM you may be asked to investigate Talent Management and its associated features connected with attracting and selecting employees:

“In recent years, Talent Management has been argued by both HR practitioners and academics as being a vital new approach within Human Resource Management towards satisfying both the current and future human capital needs of organisations to ensure the business is equipped with suitable employees for the challenges of working within the modern business environment”


Critically evaluate the above statement with reference to appropriate scholarly research including textbooks and other academic sources. Your evaluation should include the following:

(i) The emergence of the notion of ‘talent management’ in contemporary organisations;

 (ii) The key strategies that are used in order to attract and select talent in contemporary organizations

(iii) The effectiveness of the strategies you have discussed in achieving the objectives of Talent Management.

In your appendices please include up to 250 words on ‘Reflections’:

In this short section please consider-

 “How has the completion of this work affected your thinking on this topic of Resourcing?”


Please put some theory and examples

Adopting a more critical approach, as oppose to being descriptive, within some section of your report  For example are the performance management , rewards and compensation or  succession planning strategies part of an attraction /retention strategy ?  please show your understanding the effectiveness of these methods

Please note:

For the purposes of this coursework you are not required to comment on ‘Employee Development’ (we will complete this part of the Talent Management process in term 2)


2500 words including bibliography, appendices and reflective learning section.

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