Critical Analysis: Educational Management & Leadership

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The role of an educational leader is multidimensional. On one hand they are responsible for the

technical and operational management of educational institutes and on the other hand they

need to focus on areas such as learning, pedagogy and curriculum.

Context: Identify an educational setting. Discuss the leadership context. For example what is the

leadership structure both formally and informally? (Approx. 150-250 words)

Leadership & Management Roles: In consideration of the leadership context described above,

explain the roles and responsibilities of leaders in terms of leadership and management? (Approx.

150-250 words)

Discussion: With reference to the educational organisation, critically discuss the accuracy of the

opening statement. Give concrete examples and explain how adequately equipped educational leaders

(both in the selected setting and in general) are to perform this role effectively. You may wish to include

a discussion on how the educational system support and build the capacity of leaderships. Ensure you

support your discussion using scholarly material. (Approx. 700-900 words)

Personal Reflection: When you consider your own strengths and experiences how adequately

equipped are you to be a multidimensional leader in an educational organisation? You should include

personal reflection against the literature and may consider some future goals. (Approx. 400-600 words)

2000 words

Assessment Criteria

  1. Structure and substance:

Logical and coherent development of arguments

Pertinent literature to support arguments made

Deep reflection evident

  1. Succinct and fluent writing
  2. Proof reading, grammar and syntax

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