Cultural differences and people management

Various commentators have suggested that the results of ‘Brexit’ (June 2016) and the recent American elections suggest an isolationist perspective, where countries protect their own national interests perhaps at the expense of global concerns. What implications could this have for global intercultural understanding and dialogue? Choose one country to illustrate your arguments.
The required format for the presentation of your work is as follows:
-Material requirements/layout: typing double spaced, , reference list included.
WHAT I NEED:1) 80+ Most of the following: Clear evidence of independent and original thinking , exceptional evidence of reading/research, very high standard of writing and referencing; numerous examples given showing ability to. to connect theory/concepts to practical experiences/case studies in an integrative way. 2)Ability to compare critically different arguments/theories and arrive at some conclusion; very wide or deep use of research/reading material; the beginnings of independent/original thinking; fluently written and well-argued essay; several examples which show ability to connect theory/concepts to practical examples/case studies.

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