Cultural Event Review Paper

Required Format Short Paper Assignments COM 200/Ratino  Include a header in the upper left corner of each page with your name, my name, the name of the course, the name of the assignment, and a word count for the document, each on a separate line. (Use the header function to do this. Do not type it into each page.)  Title your papers  Double-space your papers evenly throughout (use indentation to show new paragraphs; do not put extra space between paragraphs).  Use one-inch margins (top, bottom, and sides) and a twelve-point, easily readable font  Number your pages.  Papers should be between 1,000 and 1,200 words in length. Credit will be deducted for long or short papers. Cultural Self-Analysis Paper For this first paper, you will analyze the way your culture made you who you are. Write about the culture(s) you identify with and why. What features of your culture have influenced you most? Who or what has influenced your cultural identity most? You may approach this paper any way you like as long as you cover the information above. Cultural Event Review Paper Participate in an event in which you are immersed in a culture other than your own for at least a few hours. Look for a situation in which you will truly feel like a “fish out of water.” You must write your paper on something you experience this semester, not something you experienced before it began. Ideally go into the situation knowing what questions you will need to answer so that you can look for these things as you participate. Take notes if it’s appropriate. Address the topics/questions below in essay form, demonstrating knowledge of course concepts. You may use subheads to indicate where each section begins, or you can just make clear which question you’re addressing by the way you answer. Specifically address each of the following topics:  Describe the event, its purpose, the cultural group originating the event, when it occurred, where it occurred, and how you learned of the event.  Are there similar events in your culture? (Or are there events in your culture for similar purposes as this one?)  What did you see and experience at this event that you feel confident you understand accurately? (In other words, where was the intercultural communication fairly competent?)  What did you notice that was culturally puzzling to you? (In other words, what did you not understand or where was the intercultural communication not as competent?)