Death of a salesman, literature analysis

A literature analysis of “death of a salesman”, with the theme “the failure of the american dream”.
Iam from sweden so i can link a text thats on A-level. So you know ruffly how good it should be.

Refer to your own notes, quotes etc that you took down while reading the play and discussing in class.

2. Formulate a thesis statement. Remember, this is a STATEMENT and NOT A QUESTION.

3. With this thesis statement in mind, find three arguments and at least three short quotes to support the arguments.

4. EACH Body paragraph will deal with ONE argument and the quote(s) that are linked to it.

5. The conclusion needs to bring the essay to a close, relate back to the thesis statement and what you have discussed in the essay.

If you want to reach higher levels of the criteria, you need to remember the following:

1. The text has to flow well, the sentences need to flow well, use linking words to help you along here.

2. Grammar has to be correct. Take care with subject-verb agreements. The more sloppy mistakes you leave in the text, the more difficult it will be for me to read.

3. Use spell check. Avoid leaving in unnecessary spelling mistakes.

4. The more detailed your analysis, the better. Try to make the content as interesting as possible, make the reader think about the play in a different way.