Details of module and forum details (global business environment)

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Unit 1: Patterns of Trade

This unit explores important current patterns and trends in international business and the various aspects of globalisation which can prove critical not only to those directly engaged in business activities worldwide but also to those who are not.

Most of these patterns and trends are a consequence of strategic decisions made by multinational organisations as part of their long-term objectives and/or vision. Some of these patterns and trends, however, seem to be unintended consequences given the increasingly relevant uncertainties of our times. Yet, many more important decisions seem to have been imposed on all organisations by the political, economic, and social environment within which they operate.

In this unit we will explore:

  • Patterns and trends in international business activities
  • Globalisation
  • The role and importance of the multinational enterprise (MNE)

After completing Unit 1, you should be able to discuss, critically analyse and answer the following questions:

  • What are the implications of patterns and trends in international business activities for you as an individual and as part of an organisation?
  • What really is globalisation? Is it good, bad or neither, and where and when will it end, if ever?
  • What role does the multinational enterprise (MNE) play and what could it mean to you?

Details of forum

Unit 1 and 2 Discussion Forum

This discussion will last for 2 weeks.

Using a business with which you are familiar, please describe how growing internationalisation has impacted on the way it operates.

You should consider:

  • Location of activities
  • Types of products/services provided
  • Markets available and level of competition
  • Human Resources Regulatory impact

The learning outcomes for this discussion are:

  • Understand the terms globalization and internationalisation, and recognize that they are not the same thing
  • Understand the different ways that growing internationalisation creates pressure on businesses, both domestically and abroad
  • Appreciate that the way different industries operate impacts on how businesses are affected by internationalisation

Guidelines for discussion responses:

  • Your initial posting must respond to the question above in full and be at least 200 words long
  • Please try to limit all of your posts to 200-300 words maximum, so that others may be encouraged to reflect on, and respond to your ideas
  • Each discussion lasts for two weeks, across 2 consecutive units
  • You are expected to contribute a maximum of ten postings during that period, so you should respond to the postings of the other students several times
  • You must complete a summary post at the end of the discussion reflecting on your learning
  • Any posts added after the deadline or beyond the allowance of ten posts will not be assessed
  • You will be assessed on your contribution to this 2 week discussion at the end of unit 2

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