Determination of Success Usage of Information Systems In the states of Qatar

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  1. The title is changed and the model as well . please scan the document and make it all consistent and related to the topic.
  2. IN THE PURPOSE SECTION: please focus more on the public sector, find specific studies and why the study is about the public sector.
  3. In the literature review :
    1. IS Success usage

Definition of success is in term of usage and includes Usage: definition; in terms of frequency and how efficiently and effectively and utilization. Write about success in term of frequency of usage and utilization of the system features two remove the satisfaction part.( please use recent paper 2016 if possible and related to the region GCC specially Qatar ).

That will lead to the following hypothesis:

UT has a positive effect on IS success

FRQ has a positive effect on IS success

  1. In the attitude section

definition and the attitude toward usage and how its related to the usage remove the satisfaction part.

  1. In PE section: try to find more studies addressing these issues in the public sector and justify more.
  2. EE section: try to justify more
  1. Make a table of all the hypothesis after the model.

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