Deviance, Crime, and Social Control & Racial and Ethnic Inequality

Read  about Deviance, Crime, and Social Control & Racial and Ethnic Inequality. WDA #6 Ch.8 How have hate crimes become a major part of our society in the U.S.? Do you believe that these types of crimes are more or less prevalent in our modern society? Why or why not? . WDA #7 Ch. 11 Please watch a minimum of 4 hours of television this week. Select any shows of interest and observe how members of different race and/or ethnic groups are portrayed (or are not shown). Please use television shows only, not T.V movies, cinema, talk shows, news media, reality TV etc. (i.e. movies on SHOWTIME, HBO, TBS, etc.). Make sure you choose a sitcom or drama type series (NO NEWS, TALK SHOWS, CARTOONS, REALITY SHOWS, OR T.V. MOVIES). Take notes on what you see in preparation for this weekly discussion assignment:Describe the TV shows you watched this week and how various racial and ethnic groups were portrayed (including any groups noticeably missing). Consider the proportion of these groups in the U.S. and note whether representation is proportional or not. Discuss how the various racial and ethnic groups are portrayed. Are they characterized realistically, or stereotypically? Please refrain from giving me a long summary of the episodes you watched.