Differentiate between the concepts of Retrograde and Anterograde Amnesia and connect toTraditional Three Stage Model of Memory

Review guidelines:

·         Just a reminder: an essay has an introduction with thesis statement, the body (made up of paragraphs – each of which has a topic sentence), and a conclusion.

·         Do not use direct quotes {verbatim information} of any kind, of any length. Any information borrowed from our textbook or an outside source must be paraphrased. You must also include proper in-text citation and a reference section. Failure to paraphrase or failure to include in-text citation and a reference section will mean a score of 0.


Be sure to read all of the Chapter prior to attempting this assignment. -(I will upload a copy of chapter section from our textbook, summary is at the bottom of the doc will help know which section to read) here is the info to cite it as well in references.


King, L. A. (2016). Experiencing Psychology (Third ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. )

*Remember to paraphrase any “borrowed” information and properly cite. For this assignment, you will likely need to use outside sources.

*Make sure they are scholarly sources. NO website sources (.com)

*Do not write this assignment as question/answer. Put everything together as one

complete essay.


·         make sure to cite majority from textbook.

·         make sure to have an actual intro and conclusion.

·         Papers must be written with organization, clarity, and elaboration

·         Write essays as though a novice to the topics will be your reader.

·         Most textbook based courses (like this one) require students to use textbook terms in essays. Define those terms in your own words (paraphrase) and give examples/discuss.

·         Only APA citation and scholarly sources are permitted



Please be sure to read all of the chapter, then carefully read the instructions below, and in one comprehensive essay address all parts of each question.

  1. Differentiate between the concepts of Retrograde and Anterograde Amnesia. Connecting to the different theories of forgetting covered in this chapter, which theory/theories could explain how these types of amnesia work?
  2. Connect the information above to the Traditional Three Stage Model of Memory (sensory, short, and long term memories). Specifically, where [in the different stages of memory, according to this theory] might the “break down” occur that leads to memory loss?

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