Critical Reading Assignment – Disaster Management 1. What are the key Issues related to Disaster Management. 2. Do we really need an integrated approach to disaster management? Your assignment should be approximately 500-600 wordsand will be submitted to the corresponding assignment submission page in Canvas. The assignment must be in paragraph form and complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. This assignment should not be a summary of the readings but your critical perspective – thoughts and questions on the readings. You may include additional readings from peer-reviewed journals from outside the syllabus. Some of the questions you should be asking yourself: Did the authors find a relationship, show a trend, or demonstrate a newmethod? Did they synthesize literature around a topic in areview? Did they put forward a new conceptualframework? Did they make any unsubstantial claims orconclusions? Were the methods appropriate or did they use flawed assumptions about dataor approaches? Did the authors convince you of their interpretation of the results? Or do you disagreewith theirinterpretation? Were the figures and tables easily understandable, or were they confusing orinappropriate for what they were trying tovisualize? Do you agree with their implications, applications, and/or conclusions? Can you apply this to your prior education or career experiences (and viceversa)?