Discuss critically, with reference to the academic literature, on the concept of innovation, types of innovation and commercialization process.

 Innovation programmes in organisations contribute to performance improvement and competitive advantage.  Illustrate planned change using Kurt Lewin’s model Rationale The aim of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the context, objectives, benefits and costs of innovation programmes in organisations. It is important that you take a considered and reasoned position, and not simply agree or disagree. You must examine both sides of the proposition and support your arguments with relevant academic literature Given this, the criteria used for marking assignments will be the extent to which you have, within the word limit: • answered the question set, kept to the topic and covered only relevant issues • expressed other people’s ideas in your own words and gone beyond what they have said on the topic by adding your own ideas, opinions and experiences; • demonstrated that you understand the concepts, issues and debates covered by the question; • taken a critical orientation to the topic, theories and readings shown in the content of your essay that you have read the relevant academic literature; • provided a clear, comprehensive and coherent critical analysis of the statement; • provided a clear and coherent consideration of alternative views to that expressed by the statement using the academic literature to support your arguments • provided a clear and coherent articulation of your own position with respect to the statement and a reasoned argument supporting your view • provided an overarching, well structured, clear and consistent line of reasoning across the assignment including an effective introduction and conclusion.