DNA sequence of an unknown gene

 1. What is my gene? (8) Using BLAST tool in the TAIR website, find out what is your gene. And get the basic information about your gene in the TAIR website. • Arabidopsis gene locus number such as AT2G46410 (2) • Other names such as ‘CAPRICE’ (2) • The number of exons and introns (2) • The amino acid sequence of your protein (the product of your gene) (2) 2. Subcellular localization of my protein (16) Using amino acid sequence your protein and localization prediction web tools, predict the subcellular localization of your protein. Run SignalP, TMHMM and NucPred analysis. And show the result of your analysis, and interpret the result of your analysis. And finally predict the subcellular localization of your protein. • SignalP result and interpretation (4) • TMHMM result and interpretation (4) • NucPred result and interpretation (4) • Final conclusion (4) 3. Prediction of my protein’s function and finding homologous proteins (10) Using NCBI BLAST tool, find the functional homologous domain of your protein, and predict the function of your protein. Also using NCBI BLAST tool, find two most close homologous proteins among plant kingdom, and make an alignment of those homologous proteins and your protein using EMBL Clustal Omega alignment tool. • Show NCBI conserved functional domain search result and predict the function of your protein (5) • Show the result of Clustal Omega alignment result with colors (5) 4. Searching for useful T-DNA inserted mutant line for my gene (6) Using GBrowse page, identify T-DNA insertion mutant line(s) in coding sequence (exons or introns) of your gene. • Show the Gbrowse page of your gene (3) • List the SALK or SAIL numbers of T-DNA insertion mutant lines (3) 5. In silico expression study of my gene (10) • Using e-FP Browser (electronic fluorescent pictograph) database, study how the expression of your gene is regulated. • Search the expression pattern of your gene using different sets of databases in e-FP browser. • And find one condition in which your gene is expressed most highly. That is your answer. • Provide your answer with the proof (screen shot that shows the expression pattern of your gene). The URL of the TAIR website is “www.arabidopsis.org”