Dynamics of Employment Relations

. It should be 8 pages long. These 8 pages form the body of the assignment and excludes the following should you choose to add them:

Executive summary

Contents page



The 8 pages does include any diagrams in the body of the report. 


An Individual Report of 8 pages Max is related to the OHCII case study, and provides the opportunity to synthesise and analyse all topics learned on the module.

Each student will choose one topic from the following list on which to base their individual report.

Using appropriate theory, evaluate the potential value of a formal system of employee representation at OHCII? Make recommendations for a consistent management policy with justifications for your proposals

Evaluate the management approach at OHCII and its impact on employee relations. Suggest alternative approaches that could have a positive impact on the organisation.

Using appropriate theory, evaluate the employment relations situation at OHCII. Discuss with roles of management and employees. Make reference to existing information and consultation arrangements. Make recommendations for appropriate changes to these arrangements, with justifications for your proposals

Could an employee participation or partnership approach be developed at OHCII? Using appropriate theory, examine the potential difficulties and advantages of such an approach. Make recommendations for its adoption or non-adoption, justifying your proposals.

The individual reports which you produce, will require you to research these topics thoroughly and carefully.

Assessment criteria

The objective is to produce an individual management report, which examines the existing situation for employment relations in the general context of OHCI. In addition, the student will specifically analyse those employee relations issues which are relevant to their chosen topic.

The report MUST demonstrate a thorough understanding and knowledge of the relevant theories from the employee relations module. There should be evidence of research into current developments in employee relations, which are relevant to the topic area from reading e.g. government policy, law, comparative industries

The report MUST analyse the overall employee relations situation at OHCI. The chosen employee relations topic should be examined specifically, within the overall context. There should be a full discussion of the employee relations problems at OHCI, using examples and evidence from the case study. All arguments should be supported by a discussion of relevant academic theory and research

The report MUST include some final recommendations for appropriate policy changes on the chosen topic at OHCI. The recommendations will be designed to address the employee relations problems identified in the report

The students are also expected to think through the implications of their final recommendations. This will involve discussing the pros and cons of implementing the policy changes for both the organisation and its employees

Finally the report MUST demonstrate how the recommendations for policy changes in the chosen employee relations topic will contribute to effective people management for OHCI (e.g., through the improvement of the current employee relations climate, or a reduction in staff turnover, or through an improvement in the psychological contract between the management and the workforce


The report MUST include a bibliography in the accepted (Harvard) format.

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