E commerce Purchase analysis Present and compare customer journeys that start with a customer need and include online search, evaluation, purchase and post purchase stages of two different UK e-commerce clothes shopping websites of their choice.

 Take two E-commerce websites of two companies to determine how well they are designed to get customers to make purchases. You might use the headings shown in this briefing or you may use your own headings; what is important is that you clearly cover all areas outlined below in a way that can be marked. You can be as creative as you like in using visuals, graphs and charts to present your arguments. Your report structure and the marking scheme is provided below: Introduction – Provide a brief paragraph outlining what your assignment will cover and how you decided what to cover (nb as normal, the report should be written in the third person). SECTION 2 – Main Findings, Analysis and Conclusions: explain the nature of the business, customers and the industry you are covering, customer engagement activities both inside and outside of the website that companies employ followed by features including navigation and calls to actions from search to post purchase activities of customers. Your analysis and conclusions must include clear and well-defined summaries that are supported with discussions and justifications comparing and contrasting customer journeys for your chosen companies. This analysis should offer a thorough investigation of activities both inside and outside of ecommerce websites which must be supported by theoretical models on customer shopping journeys (40 marks). You are expected to use credible and up to date reference sources about ecommerce industry. The references must provide evidence of commercial e-commerce practices and provide a theoretical underpinning for your analysis and discussions.  SECTION 3 – References and bibliography – You must reference all sources using the Harvard Referencing Guide. You should aim for a minimum of 25 credible reference sources No appendices required. Evaluation and analysis Examine: Customer needs, Search engine optimisation, aids to browsing, order experience and post purchase experience. Photos, videos, reviews… things that help determine if customers are gonna make a purchase References 25 – from journals, articles and blogs, books. all from relevant sources Carefully examine the assignment brief Quotes are required from core text and resources and slides provided.