Ecology Project

Go to Chapter 38
1. Look at each section and choose only one of the ecological issues. In the discussion section, post your choice. Be specific within the topic – for example don’t do a powerpoint on general overharvesting – pick a specific species that has been overharvested.  That way someone could also select overharvesting but select a different species.

a) Loss of Habitat (ecosystems, species and genes)

38.2  Species
a) overharvesting
b) habitat loss
c) discuss invasive and endemic species (choose 1 invasive and discuss 1 endemic that it competes with)
d) pollution or climate change

38.3 Climate Change
a) desertification
b) deforestation

Human Activities related to global climate change
a) chemical pollutants – accumulation/biomagnifications
b) Point and Nonpoint pollution sources – how do they affect organisms
c) trash (can be all different types) – select a place where they are a threat (like oceans)or

d) Ozone depletion
e) near ground ozone

38.7- 9 Conservation Biology
a) threats to biodiversity
b) preservation/ restoration
c) protecting endangered species
d) sustaining ecosystems and landscapes
e) Establishment of protected areas

2. You will then put together 5-6 power point slides to discuss your topic. Most topics are very general so you can decide what direction you want to go.

Slide 1  – Title slide – the problem, your name
Slide 2 –  Introduce topic in general (most of this information you can get from your text)
Slide 3, 4 –  Provide a specific example and situation (a specific incidence of the problem)
      Go into detail / focus in on one aspect
Slide 5 –      Give some information as to what is being done to remedy the situation (laws
       made? Changes in business practices ? etc)
Slide 6 –     Sources – need 3-4 including your textbook (mla or apa format)

3. Post your presentation in the discussion board (where you posted your topic).

When you post your ppt. save the file as Last name_first name_topic title

Ex. morgan_elizabeth_overharvestingofcod.ppt

Do not save as “ecology project”

4. Comment on 2 of your classmates by asking a question, providing a new link or more information. Do not simply agree /disagree. Your response must contain substantial information. Do not comment on the design of their powerpoint. Comment must be about the material to get credit.

5.  In addition to uploading in the discussion board, you will submit your project to turnitin. Do the following steps for submission:

a. open up your powerpoint

b. click on the “view” tab across the top

c. select outline

d. copy and paste into a word document

e. name your word document the same as your powerpoint (lastname_firstname_title.docx)

f. do not use any other format that word doc

g. Go to Assessment tab in D2L

h. click on dropbox and go to the folder labeled project

j. upload your  project into the dropbox to be checked by turnitin.


6. DUE  – check the syllabus

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