Assessment brief

A 6,000 word assignment in which there is a critical analysis of the concepts of curriculum and teacher professionalism within society. A consideration of the complexities of learning theories and a critical analysis of a particular learning theory or style that is prevalent within their own educational setting. 


Possible Writing Frame


Your assignment has some inbuilt flexibility with the structure but would normally consist of;


1. An introduction where you explain the context of the educational setting the assignment is embedding in and your own role within that setting. You will then give an overview of the plan of your assignment (approx. 750 words).


2. A discussion around the concept of a curriculum and a critical discussion around the hidden curriculum, including hierarchy, power, values, confidence, stereotypes and labelling and how these impact on the curriculum within your educational setting and a discussion around the influence of culture and politics on the curriculum (approx. 1500 words).  


3. A critical exploration of the construct of professionalism within your educational setting and how teacher identities develop and change (approx. 1500 words).


4. A critical analysis of particular learning theories that are used within your educational setting and whether they do enable learning and what strategies might enhance learning further (approx. 1500 words).


5. Conclusion: Pulling together the different strands of the module a reflective account around how the module has developed your personal understanding of teaching and learning (approx. 750 words).


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