emirates business environment

Factors which should be included:

• Size and stated corporate objectives

• Growth

• Strategic group and main competitors

• Economic environment

• Competitive/industry environment, and

• Internationalisation/international business environment

Research notesoutlining research undertaken using a variety of

independent sources of information. The notes should provide evidence of the research undertaken and its substance. Notes should be organised thematically.

Annotated Table of References/Annotated Bibliography

The notes must be accompanied by an annotated Table of Reference in the correct format. The

annotated Table of References is NOT included in the word limit.

This is a company­level analysis so when you evaluate the external environments, you should discuss

their impacts Emirates. The conclusion should state whether, or to what extent Emirates’ external

environment is changing. You can choose to use SWOT and PESTEL analysis, as well as Porter’s five


In order to gain high grade, following skills should be demonstrated:

• Information seeking

• Information handling

• Interpreting information

Information seeking is about the way you research your assigned company. It will be demonstrated

by searching for information from appropriate sources, in sufficient quantity and in sufficient depth.

Information handling is about evaluation of information. It will be demonstrated by how you evaluate

the amount and weight of evidence revealed by your research. Expert opinions, journalistic

comments, results of scientific research, reports from authoritative organisations have different value

as information/evidence. Your analysis should show your ability to use different types of


Interpreting information is about how you reach conclusions based on the analysis presented and

whether they are justifiable given the evidence presented. The conclusion should state whether, or to

what extent, the assigned company’s external environment is changing. Conclusions that take into

account “mixed” evidence (for example, some factors might be stable, some might be changing

gradually/predictably, some might be changing rapidly/unpredictably) are likely to attract higher


The presentation should be based on publicly available information. You should demonstrate that you

use a wide range of sources such as journals, books, company’s websites, news etc. and cite them

correctly. Make use of:

­databases such as: Business Source Complete­ EBSCO, Emerald,Proquest, GMID Passport, Keynote,

Datamonitor, Corporate Affiliations

­websites: statistics.gov.uk , ft.com , bbc.co.uk/news/business , carol.co.uk , northcote.co.uk ,

berr.gov.uk , ukbusinessdatabase.co.uk , hoovers.com/uk , hemscott.net , digitallook.com , dnb.com


­newspapers and periodicals: Financial Times, Economist, Business Week, Managment Today, Wall

Street Journal, New York Times, The Guardian (guardian.co.uk).

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