employment Law

You will see the template posted on Moodle. It is a fictitious fact pattern but I have cut and pasted various aspects from different Human Rights Tribunal Decisions to create this fact pattern.
You are the Human Rights Tribunal and it is your job to render a decision based on the law and evidence before you. You will see that this is a story about Mary Noel who has been fired from her job as a marriage commissioner.
A marriage commissioner is somebody who performs wedding services. In the real world, these people are licensed by the province but charge private fees. In our parallel universe, marriage commissioners are BC Government employees (non-union). As you will learn, the Complainant is a very nice person of deep religious faith. She very politely and respectfully refuses to marry a same sex couple because to do so would violate her deeply and honestly held religious beliefs.
You have to give me some analysis as to why you are making a particular ruling. I am more interested in how you reach your conclusion than which side of this issue you are on.
So, here are the critical bits:
1. This is worth 10% of your course mark.
2. It should be somewhere between two and three pages long. I don’t want it much longer than three pages or shorter than two.
3. I expect you to make a decision.
4. All I want handed in is the front page of the tribunal decision (provided to you on Moodle with your name and student number filled in where indicated along with the body of your decision starting from paragraph [37] on page 7. In other words, you will be handing me three or four sheets of paper.
5. Keep it all in the same font as the template you are given and continue to number your paragraphs as you see in the template. This what I mean by two or three pages. I don’t want 1 page triple spaced or two pages in tiny font.