English grammar and spelling

Use the internet for the answers but write everything in your own words. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling.

1. Compare and contrast various views of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

2. Explain the connection between the Tao, Ying, and Yang.

3. Articulate how principles of Taoism serve as the foundation of the art of Feng Shui.

4. Explain the idea of analytic philosophy in contrast with other schools of philosophy.

5. Compare and contrast the logical positivist to the natural language theorist.

6. Explain the role of the âVienna circleâ in the history of analytic philosophy.

7. Articulate the main themes found in existentialism.

8. Explain why Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky are considered predecessors of existentialism.

9. Critically analyze Husserlâs phenomenology and how it informed existentialism

10. Explain the meaning of being and nothingness according to Sartre. 

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