Enterprise development

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  1. List the key market sectors in the U.K.

2a. Choose a market sector to research.  Profile the chosen sector in terms of size and focus of firms.

  1. Assess the opportunities within the chosen sector for either:
  1. a new business start-up


  1. the development of an existing small business

Minimum word count 1800  (excluding bibliography, referencing and appendices).

NOTE: as a level six module there must be evidence of researching the academic journals.  A minimum of 5 academic journals should be cited in the work and referenced in the bibliography/references section.

The assignment should be word-processed and submitted to the School Office.

The assignment should have a coversheet, stapled on the top left-hand corner with the following information:

Student name:

Student Registration no.

Module code :

Word Count :

(No plastic folders of any kind please.  Marks may be deducted if folders are used).

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