Enterprise Resource Planning System

Enterprise Resource Planning System
“Going Live Is Not The End Of The ERP Journey”
The benefits companies expect from their ERP systems often occur
over a period of time rather than occurring immediately. Accordingly
many companies believe that their ERP journey is on going. While ERP
systems provide some benefits to all companies, some companies
achieve more benefits than others. Researchers and analysts explain
these differing benefits as a result of companies being at different
stages of their ERP system journey or ERP maturity.
Discuss this concept a company’s ERP systems journey and how
benefits may vary.
Discuss the statement using case study examples (from literature
searches) to demonstrate different company’s experiences.
The paper should include the following areas:
• Why an ERP systems journey may never end
• What are the possible stages in an ERP systems journey?
• What are the potential benefits of each stage?
• Identify the drivers and barriers for companies to move from one
stage to the next.
• In the discussion you should use case study examples (from
literature searches) to demonstrate different company’s
experiences in reinforcing the different benefits and weaknesses.
The paper should demonstrate a depth and breadth of reading and
should be appropriately referenced. The paper should be referenced
using the Harvard referencing
The paper must include:
Introduction: Introduction to the topic, a statement of the purpose of the
report and a brief description of the report’s structure.
Body: Discuss, compare and/or contrast different perspectives and
present arguments supporting the purpose of the report. Use relevant
business case studies to illustrate key points. All points must be
presented with Harvard citations to high quality (journal/book)
references that have a corresponding entry in your reference list.
Conclusion: A summary of the points you have made in the body of the
report. These should match your stated purpose.

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