Entreprenuership Plan

1. Identify, and provide a justification for choosing a sector in the UK where a clear case for opportunity recognition can be made. (40% weighting)
2. Critically analyse the sector and draft a standard business plan that can win investors’ confidence. (60% weighting).
Your analysis and the business plan should reflect characteristics of a successful small business, and clearly demonstrate understanding of the entrepreneurial process through which business ideas may be evaluated.
Please access the Workshop Materials for the document entitled Business Plan Structure which expands on each of these components. The business plan will be assessed on:
 Clarity of business objectives
 Proof of market and the breadth and currency of research sources
 Management and operational detail
 Promotional and marketing planning
 Consideration of funding requirements
 Justified financial costings and forecasts
 Strategy for growing the business in the medium term
 Evidence of innovation and entrepreneurial focus
 Professionalism of presentation
Assessment criteria will include: clarity of business objectives; proof of market; management and operational detail; promotional and marketing planning; consideration of funding requirements; justified financial costings and forecasts; explicit growth strategy; evidence of innovation and entrepreneurial focus; presentation to a good commercial standard.