Environmental Design Essay;A minimum 250-word response to the ED4e lecture (Planetary Design) and its relationship to the themes and questions of Environmental Design 1 (ED1

ED1 Introduction: the class goals are to build essential, introductory skills in critical thinking and the representation of spatial and environmental ideas in two and three dimensions through both reflection and making. In this endeavor, our lens will be a set of critical readings and responses, and a set of assignments exploring the media (from the Latin for lens or “middle element”) that intervene between the designer and the buildings, landscapes, and urban settings she considers. These include words (like these) but also drawing, collage, models and, increasingly, digital media from databases to virtual spaces. As the nature of the tools we shape the world with changes ever-more quickly, learning how to adapt and change to new tools becomes as or more important than expertise in a single way of making. The most central theme of the class is adaptation; we are living in an age where our cities and landscapes, the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, must adapt ever-more quickly to reduce its impact on the environment, and to adapt to the profound changes in our environment that the last century of industrialization has produced. Adaptation is also the foundation of creative and innovative design thinking. We cannot make the world from scratch, nor do we design for it by starting with an empty page. I’ve attached the whole summary of 14 folders of what the ED1 class is about (titled under PDFs of Static Slides) in a google drive link t Ignore the ED4E+LECTURE+3.PPTM (that’s for a different or another order) Everything else from 01-14 is relevant and should be used as reading materials. Theme of ED4e lecture: Borders (Continued) & Planetary Design and Activism What challenges does thinking at the scale of the planet bring to questions of design and activism? How have different understandings of the earth informed design and politics historically? What is the relationship between new media technologies, activism, and design? Readings for the ed4e lecture: Required:Welter Volker. “From Disc to Sphere: Taking on the Whole Earth.” Cabinet (2011): 19-25. Required: Neil Brenner and Christian Schmid, “Planetary Urbanisation” in Gandy, Matthew, ed. Urban Constellation. jovis Verlag GmbH, 2011. Required: Jennifer Gabrys, Program Earth: Environmental Sensing Technology and the Making of a Computational Earth.University of Minnesota Press, 2016 . Introduction (pg 1-26) So basically the 14 folders from the Google Drive is used to understand what the ED1 Class is about. Then, use the required readings to understand what the ED4e lecture is about.