Equity Research: Company Analysis

What is needed for help from us:
(1) For my existing research (the PowerPoint slides and summary that I attached)
1) Write additional narratives to explain those key slides in my PowerPoint (if they are not already covered or explained in details in my word summary), as I want to know what to say in my course presentation (you may attach this in the appendix).
2) If my existing research does not cover all key items as listed in the research guidelines of the assignment (attached below), please help me to complete research.
(2) New Research
1) Find the gross profit margin in each of the major business (e.g. fresh (meat/vegetables), daily necessities, cloths/appearance, books, electronics, and so on), and the major expenses for each of these two companies.
2) More on expansion strategy and new business areas (such as Amazon Cloud Computing that makes the AMAZON stock skyrocketing in past two years), and industry/technology trends for these two companies.
3) Should I recommend buys for both companies, or buy one and sell another? And why?
In addition, I have downloaded many resources from the websites (including multiple research reports from sell-side banks such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan. I also have excel modeling for these two companies, which will be provided. Please feel free to find as many sources, websites, figures as you want when you write out this research report.
Note: You can combine your research report with my summary, but the new things that you wrote should be close to 10 pages/2750 words.

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