Equity & Trusts Law: LI CHEONG (“P”) v. LEE KWAI TAI (“D”),


In the case of LI CHEONG (“P”) v. LEE KWAI TAI (“D”), HCMP 3190/2016 concerning the estate of the deceased Li Tin-sang, the Court of Appeal (“this judgement”) on 8 June 2016 dismissed the Plaintiff’s application for extension to appeal against the earlier judgment of the Court of First Instance under HCAP 32/2012.

P submitted the draft Notice of Appeal. See para 21 of this judgment. 

State the No. 2 ground of appeal in para 21 of this judgment.

The Court of Appeal ruled that “once it is concluded that the Defendant is a daughter to the Deceased, the Plaintiff could not have any claim in the probate action”. See para 39 of this judgment. Please explain the statutory authorities. 

Express your views on the possible effect on (a) grant application and (b) inheritance, of the estate of the deceased by the other new action HCAP 10 of 2016 instituted in May 2016 by another person, Li Soo Tan, who claimed to be the daughter of the Deceased. See para 28 of this judgment. 
(Please find the Case file attached)

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