Essay on Marketing

Essay option 1

Explain the meaning of the term ‘social marketing’. What are the principal arguments in favour of adopting a social marketing approach to achieving beneficial social changes? What are the principal problems, challenges and criticisms that have been identified with respect to social marketing? Illustrate your answer by referring to the ‘Think!’ campaign ( and the ‘change4life’ campaign (

Indicative reading list

Andreasen, A.R., (1994). Social marketing: Its definition and domain. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 13(1): 108-114.

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Kotler, P. and Zaltman, G., (1971). Social marketing: an approach to planned social change. The Journal of Marketing, 35(3): 3-12.

Essay option 2

Critically evaluate the rise and impact of postmodern ideas on marketing theory and practice. Where did the ideas come from? How have they affected the way in which we view the role of marketing in society and how we practice marketing? Do these ideas have value for marketers? Include examples of post-modern marketing campaigns in your answer and explain how they differ from more traditional or modernist campaigns.

Indicative reading list

Brown, S. (1993). Postmodern marketing? European Journal of Marketing, 27(4): 19-34.

Cova, B. (1996). What postmodernism means to marketing managers. European Management Journal, 14(5): 494-499.

Fuat Firat, A. (1992). Postmodernism and the marketing organisation. Journal of Organisational Change Management, 5(1): 79-83.

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Simmons, G. (2008). Marketing to postmodern consumers: introducing the internet chameleon. European Journal of Marketing, 42(3/4): 299-310.

The title of the assignment: Essay on Contemporary Issues in Marketing


Purpose of the assessment, the task/topic:

The essay tests your insights, critical thinking and in-depth understanding of contemporary marketing issues as covered on the module.

Your Specific Instructions:

Please choose ONE essay from the optionsprovided. The essay options will be released online via StudyNet on Wednesday, 29th of March, 2017

Approach to the assignment:

Your answer should adopt the format of an academic piece of work. Write in fluent, formal English and clearly acknowledge all sources. Your work should draw on the academic sources used throughout the module, as well as others that will help to develop your argument and augment your work. Your work should contain marketing theory and/or conceptual marketing models, and will normally involve some critical assessment of ideas and their application in a range of contexts.

Grading Criteria:

1. Writing and Presentation: For a first class piece of work: Assignment is clearly written and presented; articulate and fluid writing style; free from grammatical and typographical errors.

2. Referencing: First class piece of work: Assignment is properly referenced in all respects using the Harvard Referencing System.

3. Research and analysis: First class piece of work: Student has consulted, synthesised and properly evaluated a broad range of appropriate literature.

4. Criticality: First class piece of work: The Level of discussion/analysis/ critical evaluation & reflection is of an excellent standard, showing both insight and creative thinking.

5. Overall: The student has demonstrated considerable learning and development.

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