Ethical Marketing and its consequences

Purpose of the assessment

You are to evaluate and apply ethical theory to the global marketing effort of a global corporation.
Introduction to the work/Scope/Context
You work as a junior executive for a company that designs and manufactures electronic control systems for the aeronautical industry. The company have grave concerns about their marketing practice and have asked you to review a recent case in the industry, namely Rolls Royce.
You have been asked to produce a report which could advise your business on the issues involved in ethical marketing. You may conduct secondary research only into Rolls Royce’s marketing activity.

Your Specific Instructions:

Max word count 2000 [Please note this is a maximum, not plus or minus a percentage]. You may use appendices (not included in the word count) but these must be referred to.

Rolls Royce’s global marketing policy and practice is unethical. Discuss and advise.

You should conduct research into the company and news reports on their marketing practice over, no more than, the last five years.

As a start see:

You must discuss the arguments for and against and where appropriate identify ethical theory and relevant marketing theories including elements of the global marketing mix.

You should make recommendations as to your company’s future policy and practice.
You are advised to use the extensive resources available in the Learning Resources.
Ensure you follow a logical structure which informs the reader what you will be covering in the report.

Approach/steps to follow: Approximate length

1. Introduction – Include ‘signposting’ of the key issues which follow in the report. 100
2. Background into the Rolls Royce story. 200
3. Findings and analysis – Link ethics to other marketing theories and strategy. 1100
4. Conclusions – Summarises the key points already made and link to the task set. No new information. 100
5. Recommendations for your company. 500
6. Reference list (at least 20 references, with at least 10 academic), please separate academic from secondary. Give full details, following CASE Harvard Referencing guidelines.
7. Appendices must be linked to the body of the work.

It is essential:

That each of the sections are covered (if not, there will be zero% for that section) – see the Marking Grids below. And the HBS Generic marking criteria below.
Show ability to describe theoretical concepts and then use examples as illustrations.
Do not make unsubstantiated assertions, references must back up your in-text statements
Use Harvard Referencing throughout this report, linking theory to this practical business example.

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