Ethics of social work research

The goal of this assignment is to have you build on your existing social work research knowledge base and learn from each other in expanding your capabilities to conduct research and program evaluation as part of your social work practice. Students will work in teams of 2 to prepare and present a brief overview of a research concept or technique to the class. The following topics are ones we will be covering in class and for which you will have readings. Each team of students will work together in preparing a 20-minute presentation about their assigned topic. These will be learning presentations where you will seek to summarize and explain the important issues (take-home messages) pertaining to the assigned topic that a social work practitioner/researcher will need to master.

Try to be creative in designing a class learning presentation ? try to mix some didactic instruction with a hands-on exercise or other experience to help classmates understand the content you are presenting. (Remember that you will be ?teaching? about the topic you and your partner present so focus on the specific ideas you think of as most important for a social work to know.) I am available to meet with you as you plan your learning presentation. You will also prepare a brief handout summarizing what your presentation (these can be thought of as working notes on the topic ? working notes which will sure as a resource in a practitioner?s tool box).

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