Ethics, organisations and society

You are to undertake a critical inquiry into an ethical dilemma or problem which is of concern to you in business. The dilemma or problem should to be related to some aspect affecting professional and commercial management in the context of a company. You should explore the macro and micro environments in which this problem or concern has arisen. You should explore a range of ethical theories and principles and how they can be applied to explain your understanding of the concern. As a manager, evaluate and apply appropriate criteria in identifying the extent to which these ethical issues are being managed in the setting. You should propose ways in which the dilemma could be managed and resolved giving supporting evidence and justification and apply ethical principles in this context.

Chosen ethical dilemma: Tesco horse meat scandal

When conducting your research the points below should be considered and integrated within your resport:

1. Provide the context in which the chosen ethical dilemma took place. Who were the main characters involved.

2. Identify the key stakeholders who may have been affected by the incident or dilemma and complete a Stakeholder Map highlighting the internal and external parties detailing whether the affect was direct or indirect.
3. Put yourself in the role of a manager in the company and evaluate the dilemma from the perspective of key stakeholders (individual staff, the company, consumers, etc). Explore and document the possible impact of the issue on each of the key people or groups affected and the company as a whole.
4. Reflect on the issue within the context of at least two ethics theories covered in the course. Explain why you have applied a particular theory and what decision would be made by a manager within the context of that theory.
5. Consider any further information (this may be legal aspects such as human rights, compliance, etc) needed to help you make a decision on how to deal effectively with this issue. Create an argument to support the decision you would make.
6. Consider your final decision in the light of the current business environment. How would you handle this situation in the current environment in a way that was sensitive and effective? Use current instances of similar dilemmas occurring in business, and ethical theory to inform and support your choice

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