Please note a minimum of 8 academic/scholarly references is required. You can use law review cases,

if citing cases or statues please use the Blue Book citations. Also, make sure you use in­text citations

throughout the paper, and a lot. Do not use newspapers, unsupported personal opinion(s), and

popular press magazines. Do not use Wikipedia, or other similar uncredentialed sources. Include both

seminal and contemporary sources of academic information This is a ten page paper (excluding

reference and title pages).

Essay Question:

Casey has stolen medicine from a pharmacy for her sick infant. Casey does not have the means to pay

for the medicine’s retail price, $58, even with her health insurance. The medicine works and Casey’s

child is healed, needing no further medical treatment. Without the medicine, Casey’s child would 

have needed hospitalization to provide IV hydration and antibiotics, costing thousands of dollars.

After a police investigation, Casey is arrested and convicted of larceny at trial.

Write a response that compares Casey’s legal culpability with her ethical culpability using the

following major philosophical and ethical concepts: teleology, deontology, relativism, virtue, and



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