Evaluation of Organizational Behavior Strategy

Submit a 1000-1500-word evaluation of an organization existing in the current unstable and uncertain times (fiscal volatility, disruptive workforces, the trauma of wholesale retrenchment of human resources, increased employment/labor disputes, supply disruptions, growing unethical leadership performance). Begin the evaluation by selecting a business for analysis. 

Write an evaluation of the business’ organizational behavior strategy. Include in your discussion an evaluation of the overall organizational design approach; an assessment of the short and long term effectiveness of the design strategy; the anticipated internal and external environmental, political, sociological, psychological, and fiscal changes (positive and negative); and the anticipated impact of change on the business’ organizational behavior and structure. Did the organization conduct appropriate research in developing its organizational behavior strategy? Did the organization effectively analyze environmental impacts? What are the indicators of successes and failures in the organization? How could these have been enhanced (successes) or averted (failures)? What recommendations can be made for a future business of this nature?
This evaluation must be supported by references to globally acknowledged, peer-reviewed, refereed journals and germinal sources and adhere to APA style for writing, formatting, and citations/references.     

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