Select 1 of the research question prompts provided on the attached document. 4-5 pages, double-spaced; 12pt Times New Roman font References cited within the text are in parentheses at the end of the statement with author and year. References cited at the end in the bibliography include the full reference for everything cited within the text. Do not include references in your bibliography that are not referenced within the text. If you include something directly from one of the lectures, be sure to reference it as noted below. You will need to have 5 academic/peer-reviewed sources. One of these sources can be from a required in-class text (articles or textbook you were required to read). However, the other four must be additional sources. No Wikipedia or unreliable sources. Statements made from lectures are counted as additional sources and do not count towards the additional 4 sources you must provide. No direct quotations; no copying and pasting from other Internet references (I Google passages in papers randomly to check). Include page numbers on the bottom of each page. The question that needs to be answered is this: “Are we (humans) still evolving? In what ways do researchers say that we are still evolving? How may this affect the future (medicine, science, and physical anthropology)? “