Family and Childhood

In this assignment, students are asked to demonstrate their understanding of concepts explored, including the history and sociology of family and childhood. The task 
also includes a reflective question encouraging students to consider their perceptions of 
their own family experiences and how these might relate to their social work practice. 
The assignment will consist of two questions which students need to answer 
using appropriate referencing.

Assignment questions
Question 1. Ideas about family and about childhood have changed with social and cultural change. What are some of the key social changes in the last 50 years? How do you think these changes affect Social Work practice with children, young people and families? ,,,(550 words)

2. Reflection: How do you think your own experience of ‘family’ affects how you would practice your social work with children, families and young people? Include in your response a reflection about your strengths for this area of social work practice and the areas you would like to further develop. (550 words)
structure for assignment
Introduction (100-150 words): Usually you reiterate the rubric marking criteria. For a higher mark, the more subtly this is done the better.
Para 1 (200-250 words): Discuss cultural changes eg: Technology. do more than one topic or subdivide into Children, YP and families..
Para 2 (200- 250 words): Discuss sociological changes eg: more cultures in Australia. do more than one topic or subdivide as above.
Para 3 (300-450 words): Divide into 3:
1. Own experience
2. Strengths
3. Further development

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