Female Sexual Offenders

Female Sexual Offenders Description Assessment Item 1 (30%) requires students to review the academic literature (i.e., peer reviewed articles and books) in a substantive area of criminology and criminal justice. To complete this assessment, you will: 1) write a concise and focused literature review organized by core themes (rather than by chronology); 2) discuss any relevant theoretical or conceptual frameworks; 3) identify any gaps or contradictions in the literature; and 4) explain why these unresolved issues exist. The proposal must relate to ONE of the four research areas identified below. 1. Sexual violence and abuse 2. Terrorism 3. Offender-based research (i.e., life course and criminal careers) 4. Crime prevention and crime control strategies It is important to note that at this stage of the research proposal, you are only choosing a substantive area of research; you are not writing a research question yet. The process of writing the literature review, particularly parts 3 and 4 above, will provide a critical foundation for your 2nd and 3rd pieces of assessment.