FINAL Project Presentation

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Please provide as a MS Powerpoint presentation. Please do not submit as an Adobe file. Using your FINAL paper (Case Study #3) provide the following information within your 10-15 slide presentation.

  1. Background (2 pt)
  2. Problem Definition (4 pts)

Relationship to people, prosperity and the planet

Relevance and significance to developing or developed world

Implementation of the P3 team project as an educational tool

  1. Purpose, Objectives, Scope (4 pts: How will your project resolve the problem you defined?) (Include the five sustainability questions)
  2. Data, Findings, Outputs/Outcomes (4 pts: Quantify its value to P3 and society.)

Streamlined life cycle costing and analysis, if appropriate

Quantifiable and qualitative benefits to people, prosperity and the
planet (estimated or actual)

  1. Discussion, Conclusions, Recommendations (4 pts: Why is it worth funding?)

Note: Provide quantitative data to describe how the criterion has been addressed. It is appropriate and acceptable for the quantified benefits to be projected or likely as long as the implementation assumptions are clearly identified.

  1. Budget (1 pt)
  2. Technical Writing (1 pt) Grammar, APA Style Literature Cited,

TOTAL: / 20 pts

Use your preproposal and full proposal to generate your MS Powerpoint presentation and provide the grant review committee with a dynamic presentation that will facilitate their funding decision. Your presentation should be free of typographical errors, grammatically correct, and include information on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what you propose.

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