Finding Connection and Healing Beyond the Clinic

A POLICY ANALYSIS PAPER on how to effectively use Community health workers to prevent and manage chronic disease. Write this assignment with the following in mind:

  • Identify two policy alternatives- who will be responsible for implementation ( which federal or private sector agency will be held accountable?)
  • Criteria- Identify 2-3 criteria you will use to evaluate your policy options( i.e., political feasibility, economic/fiscal feasibility, outcome measures, efficiency, effectiveness & ease of implementation.) Please think about Stone’s policy goals and problems.
  • Evaluate each option based on your 2-3 criteria.( There may be more than 2-3 criteria but in the interest of your limited time, please narrow your focus).
  • Political considerations- From whom do you want to elicit support?
  • Discuss the limitations of your policy analysis
  • Provide a brief conclusion

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