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Subjectfood science

Literature review essay

Questioneffect of coffee on sleep

3000 Words


From here you can access a Word document template for your article formatting, details for the reference fomatting in EMBO journal style and a partial reprint from EMBO J to show you what the EMBO citation formatting looks like (note I have deleted most of the paper as its only the citation format you are using).

Word template:A11PJ template v8.docx  

You can use the template file by typing your text straight into it (as an MS Word file) or alternatively you can save it as a or xxx.dotx file (where xxx is the name you give to this specific template, you should save this as prompted by word in your templates. From the opencommand click on open New from templatebe sure to select this one.

EMBO J citation format: Citation format(1).docx 

EMBO J article reference format: emboj2010299a(1).pdf 

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