Foundation of management

Answers to each question should be around 250 words. Please use your textbook and journal articles to support your answers (2 to 3 references per question including the textbook required)

Question 1: Do you think the term used by Barnard — “common moral purpose” (pg. 103) — is a good way to describe what happens in work organizations? Why or why not? (Please have a look at chapter 4: The Human Organisation to support your answer)

Question 2: Rational-bureaucratic organizations are supposed to develop the best means to achieve their goals. Based on your reading of Chapter 5 (pg. 56), what would you say are some of the obstacles to making the “best” decisions about ways to reach a goal or solve a problem? Do some organizations have a more difficult time with this than others? What kinds of goals or problems do they deal with? (Please have a look at chapter 5: Bureaucracy, Rationalisation and Organisation theory to support your answer)


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