Fundamentals of Environmental Health Management Literature Review Report

Length : Approx 1750 words (Includes tables, does not include references)

Students are required to submit a literature review on one (1) of the following environmental health topics:

• Discuss how environmental factors contribute to both the incidence and prevalence of gastrointestinal disease in indigenous communities.

• Compare the health effects resulting from exposure to poor ambient air quality in developed and developing countries. Select one (1) or two (2) countries for your comparison.

• Discuss potential health and environmental effects that may result from exposure to water pollution. Use examples from both developed and developing countries.

Format your Report as per the Guide to Assignment Presentation as follows:

• Standard Cover page – Must include declaration, DO NOT include borders or graphics.

• Table of Contents, including page numbers, numbered sections and sub-sections Introduction

• Logical presentation of Sections / sub-sections

• Conclusion / Recommendations

• Reference List

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