(Getting Out by Marsha Norman)

 The below link is on Youtube which you can use to watch and write a critical thinking on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcjtHFwJ0XY&t=2086s The purpose of this critique is for you to think critically about the play or musical you have witnessed and express what you thought worked in the production and what, in your opinion, failed. Please be aware that you do not have to like what you see. A. Describe and evaluate the acting in the production: 1. Choose the performers you liked best–citing illustrations from the production. Note things they did well–gestures, moments, bits, etc.–and explain why you think they were good. 2. How was the performer’s voice, movement, interpretation of the role? 3. Separate the performer from the role. Can you dislike a character but admire the performance? 4. How did the performers relate to each other? Did they listen and respond naturally, or did they look like they were “acting?” B. Describe and evaluate the directing in the production: 1. Has the director helped the actors perform convincingly? 2. Do the performers play together as an ensemble? 3. Is it easy to see and hear what is going on? 4. Are entrances and exits smooth? Scene changes? 5. Is the stage space used well? Are some areas ignored? 6. Does the pace and rhythm seem right? Does it drag or move swiftly? C. Describe and evaluate the design elements of the production: 1. Is the scenery helpful to the play? To the performers? 2. Is it a hindrance? Too distracting? Too overbearing? 3. Does it contribute to the mood? Is it appropriate for the style of the production? 4. Is there a symbolic element in the scenery? In the shapes or colors? 5. Is the design aesthetically pleasing in itself? 6. Is the lighting realistic or nonrealistic? 7. Does it help create mood? 8. Are all actors properly lit? Can we see their faces? 9. How does the lighting use color and direction (where does it come from: below, above, behind, etc.)? 10. Are light changes made slowly or quickly? Is this right for the play? 11. Are the costumes right for the play? In period and style? For the theme of the play? 12. Are they right for individual characters, in personality, station in life, occupation, etc.? 13. Is the design good? The colors? Why or why not? 14. Are there differences between costumes for major and minor characters? Between one faction in the play and another?