Gig economy and zero hour contracts present an example of a ‘double edged sword’. Critically engage with this statement drawing on an example of work in the gig economy (For example: Uber, Hermes, DPD). What are the opportunities and challenges of these f

 For this assessment it is important to have a focused answer which is not descriptive. For example, talk about the value of the gig economy in brief. However, focus on the problems and issues with detailed examples as it allows you to analyze better. It is very important for you to use examples in the essay. The essay needs to reflect analysis rather than lists of issues. You will need to engage critically, rather than just putting forward a single perspective. Use evidences and research to support your answer. The essay needs to have: – Need to have the depths and the discussion – Studies founds (evidences). << why you say it? – Need to engage critically in this essay by using examples. This is what our professor is looking for >> In my view (our professor view) one of the most effective ways of engaging in critique is using a good example. A good example is something that has a lot of detail and possible in the public domain, so for example an example of fraud would be the big VW case of misreporting on pollution standards. Then using that example together with a theory you begin to show how this particular example had other related issues that are not covered well by just one perspective. This leads to more rigorous analysis and thus critically engages with the question. example of values: independent, freedom, flexibility example of issues: financial insecurity, inequality, inhuman no need to use these you can use any of the issues that are supported by evidence and research.