Global Environmental Markets

The final project entails a group presentation and final report on a topic connected with the course. You

and your team are asked to play the role of an environmental market participant by choosing one of the

scenarios described below. Once you have selected a scenario you are expected to find a project (and/or

program or policy) that fits that scenario by utilizing publically available information (i.e. UN website, CAR,

Ecosystem Marketplace et. al.).

You are encouraged to apply what you have learned from the readings and class discussions, as well as

your own research to conduct analysis and provide a recommended course of action. It is critical that the

main focus of the analysis link to an environmental market (i.e. carbon, REC’s, water, biodiversity, et. al.).

Teamwork and time management will be crucial for success during the final project. Groups are

encouraged to go beyond a simple briefing, and offer an analytical and quantitative assessment as well as a

recommendation regarding the issue or project selected. In the final report and during the group

presentation, you should specify who is the audience that you are presenting to (i.e. board of directors,

stakeholders, policy-makers, et. al.).

You are required to submit three outputs in support of the final project (i) a group PPT slide deck (ii) a

group paper, and (iii) individual 360 degree peer reviews (which will be distributed in class). The

presentation is expected to be approximately 25 minutes long (including Q & A) – groups should monitor

timing of the in-class presentation. The written report should not exceed 10 pages (exclusive Appendices)

and is due on the last day of class.

While you may use any format the group deems necessary and appropriate to address the selected topic,

the report and presentation should at a minimum cover the following central themes.

(i) General description

(ii) Thesis and recommendation

(iii) Market analysis

(iv) Risks and risk mitigation

(v) Financial / quantitative analysis

You are encouraged to consult with the professor as you decide on a project focus and throughout the

development of your final assignment.


You may choose one of the scenarios below, or your group may propose a new or revised scenario with

approval from the Instructor. The scenarios are intended to provide you with the context of your role,

however each group is expected to find and select a specific project, program or policy that fits within the

selected scenario.

 “Investment Strategy” – You are an investment team at a private equity firm tasked with

proposing a strategy for investing in environmental markets. You are expected to design and propose a

strategy as well as select a project from publically available resources. You have been asked to present an

investment recommendation for the firm’s first investment in this space. You will be presenting to the 

firm’s Portfolio Manager and Investment Committee, and are expected to provide both a qualitative and

quantitative analysis of the proposed investment.

 “Corporate Sustainability” – The Chief Sustainability Officer of a Fortune 500 company has asked

your team to develop an environmental markets strategy for the company. Specifically, she has asked you

to analyze why and how the company should engage in these markets, and how the company can benefit

from this opportunity. In addition, your team may choose to identify and recommend purchasing a

portfolio of projects that aligns with the company’s objectives. In this case you should provide

recommended project criteria and sample projects, as well as a quantitative and qualitative assessment.

You will be presenting to the company’s CSO and management committee.

 “Project Development” – A large project owner has hired you and your consulting team to assess

whether there is an opportunity to seek financing through one or more environmental markets. Please

select a specific project (i.e. CDM, Mitigation Bank, VCS, CAR, et. al.) and provide an analysis and

recommendation on its feasibility and a route to market strategy. You should be prepared to make a

recommendation based on the market opportunity, economic analysis, risks, and “transaction costs”.

Please specify whether the project owner is a public or private entity and the general characteristics of the

project. You will be presenting your recommendation to the landowner’s senior management team.

 “Policy Analysis” – Your team has been tasked by the US Environmental Protection Agency to

assess a proposed policy (i.e. legislative text or a regulatory action) related to an environmental market.

You may select either a domestic or international policy that has been proposed and/or implemented.

However, you should select a policy where the original source text is available for analysis. You are

expected to provide a recommendation regarding the proposed implementation while considering the

environmental, economic, and social impacts of the policy. You will be presenting to the EPA’s

environmental markets “Task Force”.

 “Conservation Strategy” –The President of a global environmental conservation NGO has asked

your team to analyze opportunities to leverage environmental markets to further the mission of the

organization. Specifically, he has asked you to recommend a strategy that utilizes environmental finance to

drive conservation and reduce deforestation and degradation. The organization has a wide network of

domestic and international affiliates, and your recommendation should consider geographic and project

strategies. You will be presenting to the President and Board of Directors of the NGO.


The final project grade and will be equally weighted between group and individual contributions. The peer

review format will be posted on Courseworks and must be submitted by each student. Any assignment

submitted late will be penalized one-half letter grade per day. The final project will be evaluated based on

the thoroughness and clarity of analysis. Please be sure to use proper practices for citing and identifying all

reference materials used.

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