Global health should be great concern to Canadians

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Students who choose to do the same topic for their presentation and present together in tutorial must present their own material and write their own draft paper based on their own individual research.However, you may opt to choose a topic other than what you completed for your presentation/discussion with the approval of your tutorial leader (the list of topics is on pages 15 and 16).The draft paper will include your thesis statement and one or two arguments supporting your position on the topic (this should be approximately two to two and a half pages excluding the title page and reference page). Your teaching assistant will provide feedback on content, structure and style. Students will then have an opportunity to improve their written work based on this feedback prior to handing in the final and full paper which includes all your arguments/discussion addressing your topic.

You must also attach a reference page listing at least three peer reviewed references used in the draft paper (texts and journal articles only and properly referenced APA style).