Gullah Geechee people and The People from Ibo Landing

HUMA 1301 Project 4 PROMPT (2 Sections): Part One:  Length of 2.5-3 pages (at least 600 words), write on the topic below: A culture expresses some of its most important values through its creative and imaginative works. Throughout our course, we have looked specifically at representations of Afro-Caribbean culture* in creative works and discussed the many cultural concerns, or values, that these works embody. Assignment: Choose ONE value (spirituality, love, family, ancestry, fame, citizenship, community, self-respect, etc.) and explain how culture’s creative works (film, art, music, literature, poetry, folklore etc.) demonstrate that value. What do works show us about what we value as a culture? Use at least two class texts (and/or videos) and one from outside the course to make your case (and be sure to cite these texts correctly in-text and in a Works Cited page). Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin, Warsan Shire, Beyoncé, etc. You will be evaluated on your ability to use specific details to clearly demonstrate a pattern of thought in a cultural context. Be sure to explain how the value is expressed, and how works of different types portray the value in their own way. Part Two:  Length of 2.-3 pages), write on the topic below: Reflect upon the project development process as well as the content of the project itself. Students should (1) describe the creation of the project, (2) reflect upon their own individual learning, and (3) explain the ways in which multiple world views and cultures are represented in the project. Content: • Students should provide full descriptions of each of the following: • Project development process from conception to completion • Utilization of documented sources including research process • Individual contributions to the project • Challenge, resolutions, and reasons for choice of solutions • Growth in personal knowledge over the course of the assignment • Predictions about the benefits of the experience in the future • Students should address several of the following questions: • How does your project reflect the validity of different types of human expression? • How does your project reflect the range of cultural and ethical perspectives across the globe? • How does your project recognize the impact of competing power structures such as social classes, religious ideas, and gender roles, for example? • How does your project examine how cultural elements change over time and how such change might be resisted? • How does your project examine and explore the qualities which all people shared  You will be graded on three areas: • content – how clearly and accurately you answer the question above and how well you defend and explain your answer with specific examples from the texts (not meeting the minimum page requirement will impact content) • organization – how well you organize your essay with a clear thesis/argument, introduction, conclusion, and well-defined body paragraphs • grammar/MLA – how well you format, proofread, and edit your paper – a Works Cited page is required Remember that this essay is worth 20 points of your entire course grade!  Tip: See the following link for help with MLA format and your WORKS CITED PAGE. Because poor grammar/mechanics/sentence construction will detract from the quality of your paper, I highly suggest staying after class one day to look at draft with me.  Submission: Papers should be submitted to the Turnitin link. They will also need to be uploaded to a regular assignment link. SUBMIT IN TWO PLACES. *While we have discussed “Afro-Caribbean culture” in class by looking at the African diaspora throughout the U.S. South and the Caribbean, you may choose to specify which culture, by looking specifically at Yoruban culture, Gullah/Geechee culture, southern culture, your own culture, etc. Sources from class- 1) Daughters of the Dust movie. Currently on Netflix. 2) Gullah Geechee Reading- 3) Reading- Beyonce Ibo Landing (additional information) 4) Any other source can be found online or in a book.Third source must be outside the course! Idea dicussed for the paper was to incoporate their attachment to basket weaving and their culture/traditons.