Gun control and its psychological effects.

Write a letter to the local House Rep or Senator about Gun Control and its psychological effects/trauma. (This presents a problem especially with the many school shootings and the after-effects such as PTSD and suicide. It’s a ripple effect that can lead to psychological trauma which can lead back to the use of shooting, whether it be suicide or another mass shooting)
Guidelines for Writing a Letter/Communicating with Legislators 1. Be polite in tone and language 2. Identify yourself as a registered voter, constituent and a member of whatever organization in your opening sentence. 3. Immediately identify topic you are writing about Focus on one or two points Make brief points Describe the importance of the issue to you, your community, and nation. 4. Clearly state what you are asking the legislator to do (co-sponsor a particular bill, or vote for or against a measure, bill, etc). 5. Be informed. Be familiar with the basic facts and points Avoid too many details or scientific information, but have additional information available if requested. Verify your facts____ your story maybe told again by the legislator. Personalize your own story or that of a patient and explain the relevance to the issue at hand. Include relevant information from your district or state, and explain how the issue can affect the area. 6. Offer to be of assistance and serve as a resourse 7. Thank the legislator.