Health Care -Case Analysis

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust
Each student will be assigned two Trusts. please choose any two trusts.

.Students will be required to browse and research the websites, annual reports and other relevant publicly available information about the Hospital Trusts with a special focus on the strategic issues and financial statements of these organisations. The key focus of the analysis is to answer the following questions:

?What are the strategic objectives and priorities of the organisations?

?What accountability arrangements are in place for these Trusts and what key issues are faced by them?
?What is the financial position of those Trusts after examining their income and expenditure patterns?
?What are similarities and differences in the issues faced by these organisations
?What are similarities and differences in their financial accounts?

Further details and guidance will be provided in the first tutorial

?Word Limit 2500 with 10% +/- allowance. Word Limit doesn’t include Abstract, References List, Endnotes or Appendices

The Grading criteria of UH undergraduate essay writing will be applied however the following marking scheme will be used for assessment of the group research paper

General overview/Introduction Strategic issues Financial analysis Comparative performance Referencing

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