Health care conditions

The critique will be look after the health care conditions of (Stroke). I need to discuss in the critical review the following:

1. Examine and provide a critical overview of the prevalence, aetiology, signs and symptoms of the chosen condition.

2. Critically analyze and evaluate one of the bio­psychosocial frameworks discussed in the module international classification function (ICF) or person environment occupation performance (PEOP)

3. Use the chosen framework to critically analyze and evaluate the impact of health conditions on occupational performance.

4. i want to send me the resources you have used.

5. i want to get grade from 60 to 70 so try not make so perfect B 60­69% Highly satisfactory width and depth of knowledge and understanding Effective argument sustained within a slightly restricted context Evidence of inductive and deductive reasoning with minor inconsistencies Appropriately applied theoretical knowledge to practice Evidence of evaluation and synthesis Attempts to advance theoretical concepts Incorporates critical review of current literature with minor inconsistencies Fleeting evidence of originality Professional approach to clinical practice (if appropriate) Proficient in the performance of skilled tasks Effective management of model/patient (if appropriate) Sound understanding of contemporary theory Ability to appropriately apply, modify and evaluate skills Skilled in clinical reasoning Learning outcomes (what does this work should cover at the end of the critical review):

1. Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and critical analysis of the aetiology, signs and symptoms of a range of health conditions. 2. Demonstrate critical analysis of the impact of health conditions on occupational performance. Apply bio­psychosocial frameworks (ICF and PEOP) to the management of health conditions. 

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