Health program planning and evaluation:

Description Please use the resource book below to help answer the questions, along with 1 other scholarly reference. Issel, L. M., Wells, R. (2018). Health program planning and evaluation: HCA-498 Module 5 AssignmentA practical systematic approach for community health. (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN: 978-1- 284-1121 1) Chapter 11, pg. 284, question #1: Develop a working plan for how you would involve stakeholders in the development of the intervention evaluation plan. a) How does your plan address timing and budget constraints? b) In what ways does your plan include attention to interactions and group processes? c) Which strategies will be used to address the four criteria for having a good evaluation question? 2) Chapter 11, pg. 285, question #3: What are the major problems in using secondary data sources, such as birth or death certificate data? What, if anything, can the evaluator do about these problems?